Debt Settlement Companies

Debt Settlement Companies

Debt Settlement Companies

In these challenging economic times, with unemployment at record levels, consumers more than ever are turning to debt settlement companies to assist them in negotiating settlements with their creditors. It has been estimated that approximately $2.4 Billion in new accounts enter some type of debt settlement program each month, and the forecast is for this amount to increase in the coming years. Now, more than ever before, debt settlement companies need to implement technology in order to deliver operational efficiencies.

Delivering increased value to your clients means settling more debt. Now, Persolvo Data Systems can help you dramatically increase the number of settlements you make while lowering your overhead. Persolvo’s Web-based settlement system, CONCERTO 3.0, aggregates your client’s account information on a daily basis, providing visibility of your client’s enrollment balances and pre-approved trust account savings balance to a large number of creditors, debt buyers and collection agencies accessing the system. This process makes it possible for creditors, debt buyers and collection agencies who also utilize the CONCERTO system to easily locate accounts for settlement and submit bulk settlement offers to your negotiators for review and approval.

This enhanced visibility means there is less hands-on account management required by your negotiators since creditors, debt buyers and collection agencies have the most up-to-date account information and can submit settlement offers directly through the CONCERTO web-based settlement system.

Persolvo Data Systems delivers value to your organization in a number of ways.

  • Generate higher volumes of settlements and increase your revenues.
  • Grow your business without increasing negotiator headcount.
  • The CONCERTO system is a PCI-DSS Level 1 certified system that provides the highest level of cardholder data security.
  • Persolvo Data Systems has licensing agreements with many of the largest credit card issuers, debt buyers and collections agencies who upload their collections portfolios daily for the purpose of settling accounts directly with debt settlement companies through the CONCERTO system.
  • Automation in the settlement process means there is no need for creditors to contact your clients directly, greatly reducing the possibility of harassment thereby lowering attrition.
  • Increased settlements means meeting compliance with state and federal regulations, demonstrating you are delivering value to your clients.
  • Persolvo’s robust, enterprise reporting tools help you document the value delivered.
  • Persolvo Data Systems has daily reports that you use to monitor your company’s performance, percentage rates per creditor, collector and how you rank with other debt settlement companies.

Persolvo Data Systems delivers the technology, the tools and the automation to grow your business, lower your costs and maintain compliance.