Creditors/Card Issuers

Creditors/Card Issuers

Creditors / Card Issuers

In today’s challenging economic environment, creditors are dealing with years of record high charge-off and delinquency rates presenting significant challenges to their collections and recovery operations. Today, creditors need every advantage in these challenging times to lower their cost of collections and agency management costs while increasing liquidation rates at the same time. Creditors can now use Persolvo’s Web-based settlement application, CONCERTO 3.0, to scrub debt portfolios and uncover settlement opportunities prior to the sale or placement of a portfolio, adding a highly lucrative tier to their collection and recovery strategies.

Here is how the system works.


First, debt portfolios are scrubbed against Persolvo’s extensive database of over $6 billion of debt settlement accounts. The CONCERTO 3.0 system then displays matching accounts that have been identified in the Persolvo database.


The creditor then runs multiple settlement campaigns for groups of accounts to optimize the potential settlement value of a portfolio. Accounts may be settled individually using a predetermined settlement threshold for each account, or grouped and settled to reflect an aggregated settlement threshold. The CONCERTO 3.0 system calculates the settlement percentage and total dollars recovered.



Once a settlement campaign has been fully optimized, the creditor can immediately transmit hundreds of settlement offers to multiple debt settlement companies with the click of a mouse and immediately receive settlement funds.

The CONCERTO system identifies highly-liquid settlement accounts prior to the sale or placement of a portfolio, uncovering lost settlement opportunities, that until now, were not easy to locate or analyze. Exposing these hidden settlement opportunities using the CONCERTO system will significantly lower the cost of collection and increase overall liquidation rates.