About Us

About Us

About Us

Persolvo Data Systems is the leading aggregator of account information of debtors enrolled in Debt Settlement Programs. The Persolvo Web-based settlement portal, CONCERTO 3.0, was created to bridge the gap between creditors, debt buyers and collection agencies and leading debt settlement companies. The system uncovers lost settlement opportunities by locating hard to find debtors with highly-liquid settlement savings accounts enrolled in Debt Settlement Programs.

Using CONCERTO 3.0, creditors, debt buyers and collection agencies can immediately locate these hard to find debtors, analyze the pre-approved savings balances of individual debtors, submit lump sum or term settlement offers to multiple debt settlement companies simultaneously, and monitor or evaluate accounts for future settlement opportunities.

The Persolvo system provides the most up-to-date information about debtors enrolled in Debt Settlement Programs and provides a streamlined process to evaluate and maximize portfolio liquidation rates while being able to submit bulk settlement offers to multiple Debt Settlement Companies with just the click of a mouse.

Persolvo’s CONCERTO 3.0 system exposes lost settlement opportunities while significantly lowering the cost of collections and increasing liquidity rates.

The Persolvo Team

Heather Mlodzinski, Director of Client Management

Heather wears many hats here at Persolvo and it’s because she can pull it off. Heather has an extensive background in account management, sales and marketing. She’s done everything from database administration to new business development. Heather currently is our Sr. Account Manager here at Persolvo. She oversees all administration, reporting, servicing client accounts and provides training to our clients. She brings a great positive attitude to everything she does and is committed to finding more efficient ways to do things.


David VanderVeer, CTO

David VanderVeer has spent the past 20 years working in the real time world of computers. He founded WebCreators, Inc. in 1995 after spending 7 years working as a Microsoft and Novell certified network engineer, with WebCreators he built a reseller network of more than 400 private label resellers selling the WebCreators technology. We are very pleased to have Dave head up our software development team. He started in the Debt Settlement business more than five years ago when WebCreators started writing software for the Debt Settlement industry, he got to learn the entire industry first hand while working with one of the largest debt settlement companies in the industry. So his knowledge and expertise and understanding the needs of the industry is impressive. David knew that by combining solid business practices with technology and automation he could drive down the cost of debt settlement and make it more accessible to more people.

Courtney Couch , Technical Consultant

Courtney consults with Persolvo to oversee the recruitment, building and management of the technology team that is responsible for building Persolvo.  He is responsible for turning the vision for the Persolvo’s technology into reality through his team. He has been creating and building technology businesses for the last 14 years.  He spent time living in India building a technology outsourcing business from the ground up to complement development projects his team was working on pertaining to different startups he has been involved in.  His first-hand experience in building outsourced businesses gives him a unique and valuable insight into strategies for building large complex technologies at a low cost. His diverse and broad experience over the last 14 years in the IT world gives him the unique ability to keep companies ahead of the curve, and less expensive than the competition.  Having a knack for technology business trends, a genuine talent for understanding technology has kept him at the forefront of the industry.

Strategic Advisory Board

Dan Buell, Vice President-Credit Services Marketing – Experian

Dan Buell Experian

Mr. Buell joined Experian (EXPN.L) in 2005 and is the Vice President of Product Marketing. In his role Mr. Buell is responsible for leading Experian’s collections business. Specifically he oversees development, product management and support, marketing and strategic partnerships. Prior to joining Experian Mr. Buell served as the Chief Operating Officer for Singer, Bach & Associates, a niche B2B servicing agency, Business Unit President of MarCom Technologies/Americall Receivables Management, a Teleperformance Company (ROCH: Paris Stock Exchange), Chief Operating Officer for Machol & Johannes, P.C., Director of Information Services for OSI and Sr. Systems Analyst for software developer Ontario Systems.

Michael Walker, CEO – Payment Program Management Corporation

Mike Walker

Mr. Walker is the Co-Founder & Chairman of Payment Programs Management Corporation, an Omaha-based specialty financial services company that provided outsourced credit card management services to the Department of the Navy. Mr. Walker also served as Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff for First Interstate Bank and later went on to become the CEO of First Interstate Bancard. He has also served as COO for Apollo Enterprise Solutions and has held senior executive positions with First Data Corporation where he was responsible for all products and services in the areas of new account generation, loyalty management and core account services.