Welcome to Persolvo Data Systems

Welcome To Persolvo Data Systems

Persolvo Data Systems is the leading aggregator of account information of debtors enrolled in Debt Settlement Programs. Persolvo’s Web-based settlement application, CONCERTO 3.0 provides instant visibility of hard to locate debtors and displays the current pre-approved trust account savings balances of these highly-liquid settlement accounts.

Using Persolvo’s revolutionary settlement portal, CONCERTO 3.0, creditors, debt buyers and collection agencies now have enhanced visibility into available pre-approved savings balances held by consumers enrolled at leading debt settlement companies. Persolvo’s predictive analysis tools help analyze debt portfolios to uncover these highly-liquid settlement opportunities and then electronically submit bulk settlement offers to multiple debt settlement companies with the click of a mouse. Once these offers have been reviewed and accepted by the debt settlement companies, funds are immediately remitted to settle accounts in full or over term.

The Persolvo system is the first Web-based application of its kind to aggregate hundreds of debt settlement companies and billions of dollars of consumer debt, thereby providing the most accurate and up-to-date information relating to debtors enrolled in Debt Settlement Programs.

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